Beef Box 5kg


Below is a list of our cuts:

  • Osso bucco @500g
  • BBQ blade steak @700g\
  • T-bone steak @500g
  • Eye fillet steak @300g
  • New York steak @450g
  • Scotch fillet steak @500g
  • Blade steak @400g
  • Rump steak @400g
  • Casserole steak @500g
  • Minute steak @500g
  • Round steak @500g
  • Lean mince @500g
  • Sausages @1kg

Please note that the photo is a “gist” of the selection of cuts. Each box will vary slightly as the less abundant cuts from the animal are distributed. Our free downloadable digital cookbook and monthly cooking classes will help you cook amazing meals every time no matter what cut.

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Weight 5000 g